For The Love – 2015

For The Love” is the newest EP from Layne Tadesse. Get it today!

Victory to the Masses

Victory to the Masses”, out on the Big Shot Music Group label, certainly goes a long way towards proving that Layne Tadesse is one of the premiere indie reggae artists of the new generation. This album is a proper mix of classic, roots-oriented, soulful reggae. The lyrical content is also extraordinary. It is conscious rebel music. It is intelligent; for people with something on their minds and in their hearts.

What The People are Saying

NICEEEEEEEEEENESS !!! L.T.’s debut shines and shows vocal versatility in different styles and heart felt soulful vibes. He blends his musical influences to the forefront in a style that could only be coined as his own ! I look forward to seeing L.T. grow as an artist and to see …what is next ( hint hint !!). Would love to see L.T. connect with the reggae dancehall/roots vibe more , as I feel his vocal talents shine most in that regard !! BIG UPPPPP to L.T. , and ….when is the next release ,…YESSSS IIIIII !!!!!!!!


Jah Bless! yibarika! Hi my name is Daniel, from london. I havent heard this tunes before and now that i bought them. They’re simply exeptional, well done! and thanks for reaping(Eri). I’ve been waiting to hear somethin decent and finally you done it. Once again do ya ting homie,bro. and hold it down!!!! One Luv from london!

Daniel Faloppa

DOPE=:-‘) Everyone who I have ever played this album for has wanted a copy. It is awesome. He needs to get some air play. Great artist.


Awesome the cd is BOMB I absolutely love it, hopefully LT will get bigger and more known, I’m telling all my friends about him 🙂


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