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Layne Tadesse’s “Ghetto Corner” Music Video Impacts Major Online Networks

Big Shot Music Group distributed Eritrean Reggae artist Layne Tadesse has his latest and most popular music video entitled “Ghetto Corner” impacting major online networks such as MTV, VH1, and CMT.“Ghetto Corner” is from his latest release entitled “Victory to the Masses” now available on iTunes and all other digital retailers as well as on CD via PayPal and Credit Card. (Click on images below to enlarge) CLICK HERE TO ENTER MTV ONLINE VIDEO POST CLICK HERE TO ENTER VH1 ONLINE VIDEO POST CLICK HERE TO ENTER CMT ONLINE VIDEO...

“Victory To The Masses” is intelligent; for people with something on their minds and in their hearts! – Rick Jamm, Music Editor

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“Victory To The Masses” Online Review by JamSphere

  Big thanks to the team over at Jamsphere for such an thoughtful review. We are truly humbled by your words. Jamsphere is an independent music magazine and social network that aims at discovering, promoting and divulging whom they consider top indie acts, as well as tending  a watchful eye towards major music artists of particular interest. Check out their amazing site and See the full review and new single “Ghetto Corner” at JamSphere  ...

New Video: Layne Tadesse (@laynetadesse) – “Ghetto Corner” featured on Versed Online Magazine

Big shout out to the Versed Online Staff! (VERSED Magazine) is an exposure platform focused on emerging music artists and entrepreneurs, national and international. Focused on those who are skillful and knowledgeable in what they do, VERSED showcase artists in R&B, Gospel, Country, Hip Hop, and Pop. They hold strong beliefs in being the best and accept nothing less when evaluating everything and everyone else. VERSED Online provides music, entertainment, and worldly news; highlighting exclusive celebrity interviews. Their segment Brand U  is an interactive forum that provides useful information for all music artists; from tips on building your brand to finding an entertainment lawyer.  VERSED Magazine, an online publication [with print availability] provide up-to-date information on upcoming music artists, entrepreneurs, and entertainment. Check out and see the new video from Layne Tadesse “Ghetto...

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